Housing Alliance announces appointment of Camille Loftus as Executive Director

The Housing Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Camille Loftus as Executive Director. Camille is a highly experienced public policy professional, bringing her expertise to driving forward the Housing Alliance mission. Camille Loftus is an experienced public policy professional, specialising in issues of housing, inequality and poverty. She lectures in social policy, and is a former government advisor. Chair of the Housing Alliance, Sean O’Connor (CEO Tuath Housing) said: “Housing Alliance members play a vital role in solving Ireland’s housing crisis, and have the potential to do more; the Housing Alliance was formed to release that potential. Camille brings extensive public policy experience in the private, public and NGO sectors to the role of Executive Director. Her skills and expertise, combined with her passion for ensuring we all have access to good quality, secure and affordable housing, leave her well placed to advance Housing Alliance goals.” Camille commented: “This is an exciting time for the Housing Alliance – members deliver the housing that people want: secure, affordable, and high quality. The Housing Alliance already provides 1 in 7 of Ireland’s social homes on a non-profit basis, but we can do much more. I look forward to working with our stakeholders to release this potential to provide homes for the thousands of households who need them.”